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YVZ Denim – MORE than Jeans

The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all areas of our lives and is not just a trend for us, but an integral part of our corporate philosophy. We are aware of our responsibility and want to contribute to enriching the fashion industry with fair and respectful products. To achieve this, we work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers, question processes and actively look for new innovative ideas to ensure that all aspects of production are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

All of these values ​​are deeply rooted in the DNA of YVZ Denim and are a matter of course for us. As an interdisciplinary team, we want to make a statement with our products in order to challenge and optimize the future of the fashion world.

Our values

Sustainability: An awareness of the environment by using sustainable materials and production processes.

Craftsmanship: An appreciation for the traditions of denim design and a dedication to creating high quality and long-lasting products.

Individuality: Supporting each customer's personality and style by offering a variety of washes, sizes and fits.

Authenticity: A commitment to truthfulness and honesty regarding production processes, materials and business practices.

Nonprofit: A responsibility to society and the world by providing a portion of profits to social and environmental initiatives.